Top 10 Must Have Items for Back Packs

To be honest, we all know that backpacks are awesome. For many of us, our back packs take us everywhere from school to work and to every adventure we want to embark on! So why would you need a backpack other than for carrying stuff? These ten items are great must-haves when buying a backpack.

Checkout Top ten items you must have in your Back Pack

1. A water bottle holder –  Water bottles can be a little tricky to carry if you don’t have one that is the right size and shape. Luckily, most backpacks these days have a water bottle holder so you can easily store and access your drink.

2. A cell phone pocket –  This is essential for those who use their smartphones as an alarm clock, calendar and the like. Having a separate cell phone pocket that is easy to access will make sure you don’t miss any of your important reminders.

3. A key loop –  You might have keys that need hanging from something as opposed to being kept in a pocket or purse. With this key loop, you can hang your keys from the outside of your backpack so they don’t get lost or in the way when you’re trying to find something else in it.

4. A water bottle holder loop –  Water bottles are great, but they’re also heavy! If you are one of those people who carry a water bottle around with you everywhere, you know how annoying it can be to carry the weight in your hand all day long. A backpack with this water bottle holder loop will make carrying your water bottle much easier.

5. A pen loops –  Sometimes we need to be able to write down quick reminders in our backpacks without having to remove things from the bag completely. Having a pen loop can help because it keeps your pens organized so that they don’t get lost or tangled up with other things once you’ve taken them out of the bag.

6. A concealed zippered pocket –  This will help keep your valuables safe from the hands of anyone who might snatch them from your backpack. It’s also great for keeping some small things you’d like to have on hand, but don’t want to be seen by others. A hidden zippered pocket can be very convenient, especially when you need to access it quickly.

7. Two handles –  Having two handles allows you to carry your backpack in multiple different ways. This is good because some of us use backpacks differently depending on what we are doing. Whether you want to carry it by hand or throw it over your shoulder, this feature allows you the freedom to do so and only requires one backpack for many different uses without having to buy a second one just for carrying things a certain way.

8. Padded straps –  Having padded straps on your backpack is essential so that the weight of the item is distributed evenly. This will help prevent any sores or muscle and bone pains from occurring.

9. A sturdy frame –  This is important for those who carry heavier items in their backpacks, especially if you carry it for prolonged periods of time. A sturdy frame helps support and balance the heavy load you’re carrying, preventing any accidents from occurring.

10. A padded pocket –  Padded pockets are great for those items that you’d like to keep protected. Having a padded pocket can help insulate sensitive items such as your passport, camera or sunglasses in case they get dropped.
You likely have many items that could easily be added to this list, but these are ten must-haves for back packs. If you have any suggestions for other must-haves that should be added to this list, I’d love to hear from you!

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