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Packing List of Item in India : What to add in Back Pack for Tour

If you are planning a tour or trip the first question come in your mind What Should I Pack list of Items for this. First of all the packing list may vary with the type of place and the weather of the place. If you are going to mountains then few things necessary for these type of place. Every place mountains, beach, road side trip, safari, seas, locale places have different requirement of items. Also, weather is important for deciding the requirement – summer, springs, winters, rainy all have different style of clothing and few specials items to protect yourself in unwanted situations.

How Do I pack my Items for a Trip in India

This is a simple question, Just check your destination places pictures, weather, transport, food and accommodation availability. Once you collect the information then you should make a list according to that and just remember the number of days according to that you have to pack your cloths and toiletries also. Almost 80 percent person never think about the these things and they just pack necessary clothes and few items for the tour. You can not buy everything on the tour because it will waste your important time for enjoyment. Planning a trip and the back pack packing both are very important for the best outings. Check out the few steps how do You pack Items for a Trip in India.

  1. Collect the Weather, transport and accommodation information for your Tour.
  2. Pickup the best Travel Back Pack (Bag) for your travelling.
  3. Always pick up a Toiletry bag  for dirty clothes.
  4. Pick up Weather essential items like hat for summer, Jacket for winter – Raincoat for Rainy seasons.
  5. Always remember to pack your important documents, cards, cash, in a separate and safe bag.
  6. Prepare a small personal carryon bag which can easily fit in front of your body.
  7. Try to book accommodation, transport in advance and take care of your security.
  8. Take enough battery backup items, it will help you in every condition.
  9. A small medicine kit and snacks kit.
  10. Just pack your bag and enjoy – Items lists you will get in following part.

What you must Pack while travelling in India

While you are travelling anywhere, you should take care that everything will not get so close that you can carry hassle free. So take a best back Pack, Carry bag, traveller Suitcase. So that if you have to walk for a few distance you can easily carry the items.

List of Item You should Check before Leaving a tour

Here is the check list before you are leaving for a amazing vacation or business tour.

1. What are the Carry on Items

The first thing you have to decide which type of carry on Bags or carry on back Pack Items are best for you. This will depend on the duration of tour and the nature of the tour. If your duration is long and you don’t have to change destination then a big carry on bag is good for you. Anti Theft Backpack with USB Charging Port Laptop-Bagpack Waterproof  

  1. Electronic Back Pack :- An Electronic  Back Pack is normally for college and office but it will be very useful on a tour. These back Pack are specially designed for security purpose and have inbuilt battery back up option. As this is small in size and best for roaming for a whole day. You can easily carry  Your phone charger, laptop, camera, water bottle, snacks, umbrella jacket etc.
  2. Cable Lock : Cable lock is necessary 
  3. Small Purse : 
  4. Packing Cube :
  5. Laundary Bag : 
  6. A flashlight: A small one is enough. If it works with a dynamo it’s even better as you won’t have to worry about when the batteries will die. Duct tape: Accidents can happen and when they do, you’re glad to have duct tape to patch your stuff.


2. What Clothes Should have in Back Pack

  1. Rain Jacket
  2. Shorts/Skirts
  3. Dress
  4. Pants
  5. Undergarments
  6. Bathing’s Suits
  7. Socks
  8. Shoes / Flip Flops


3. Accessories






4. Toiletries

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