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How To Pack A Backpack? 30 Points you Should remember

How to Back Pack 30 points to remember

You can pack your backpack at home or on the road. However, if you pack it at home, then choose a day when you will not be going out and refrain from doing any activities that involve heavy lifting.

1. Prepare for the trip ahead of time

The first thing to do is plan out for your next trip by looking at the itinerary provided by the tour operator or tourist board so that you will know how much clothing and delicate items to bring with you. Next, the packing must be done in a way that the weight is distributed properly so that you will not feel it too much on your back.

2. To a fan

A personal guide and an air conditioner are two essentials every backpacker must have and will not leave home without. Once you leave your room, you cannot afford to stay cold while you hike up mountains alone, especially if there is a heavy downpour at the same time.

3. Towels and clothes

When it comes to clothes, try to bring as many of your favorite pieces as possible since they are likely to get stained from campfire smoke, dirt or dust along the way. It is a good idea to have a pair of clothes for hiking, and another for wearing around the campfire. Towels will also be needed to wash your body and clean off any dirt from the day.

4. Accessories

Small knick knacks are small, but they can make or break the trip, especially when you are looking to add some excitement to it. Take extra batteries and a disposable camera with you since they save money while allowing you to take photos of interesting moments that occur along your trip.

5. Packing food

Taking canned food is not advisable because it might leak into other items in your bag which will cause much trouble when trying to keep things dry. You can also use a baby formula pouch so that your baby will have food during the hike. Just remember, not all babies are travel friendly and some might even throw up if you give them something unfamiliar to them.

6. Laundry

Instead of using dryer sheets, you can use dryer balls instead to make your clothes smell fresh and clean for a long time after. They will also help keep things in your bag from smelling funky as well. There is no need to have a lot of stuff with you so that you will be tempted to buy souvenirs along the way or bring expensive items home such as cameras or jewelry since they are likely to get damaged and be damaged while in transit anyway.

7. Personal hygiene

It is recommended that you keep some feminine hygiene products, hair products, etc in your bag especially if you are going to a beach area. A small bottle of shampoo and conditioner will not take up too much space and will be very useful while camping.

8. Entertainment

It is always a good idea to bring along something interesting like a CD of music that can get the mood of your trip boosting you up and make it more fun. You can also bring along some games like Memory or Chess which can improve your memory just by playing with them.

9. Extra packing is extra weight

You should also be extra careful not to over pack. It is very important that you avoid bringing unnecessary items with you on the trip. If you have too much stuff with you, it will only slow your down or even worse, increase the risk of having an accident because of the excess weight.

10. Walk carefully

When walking from one place to another, try not to run around or move heavy objects because it can cause trouble in your shoulders and back and might even cause sprains and muscle aches so make sure to walk slowly when walking up hills or carrying big things with you.

11. Don’t wear high heels

Avoid wearing high heels, especially if you plan on going to a beach area because it will cause a lot of friction between your feet and the sand. Also, heels are not good for hiking because they can stick to the dirt and make things difficult so try to stay away from them all together.

12. Choose light clothes

Always choose light-weight clothes when packing especially in warm or hot areas. It is also wise to bring along some clothing that can be used as pajamas while sleeping at night as long as you are comfortable in them.

13. Keep it organized

It is a good idea to keep an organized packing including the right suitcase or bag for your trip. If you plan on using a large suitcase for the trip, then it is important that you leave enough room so that you will not have to throw things around because of lack of space.

14. Don’t be stingy

Try not to be stingy with yourself when it comes packing and choose only the essentials. Don’t bring unnecessary stuff if they are already available in your country and you don’t get much use out of them even if they are important items while traveling.

15. Get by with less

The most important thing to remember is that when you are traveling and packing up all of your stuff, you should only bring what is essential for the trip and nothing extra. If there isn’t much space in your bag to begin with, then you will not be able to bring along anything extra anyway. You can always spend the money on souvenirs or other things you want to bring home instead.

16. Pack lightly

Bringing too many things that might weigh you down can be very dangerous during an expedition. The bags can cause some pain and even injuries if you are walking for long distances with it. It is best to use a light-weight bag or no bag at all so that you have one less thing to worry about.

17. Sweet dreams

If you are going on a camping trip, then make sure you bring along a sleeping bag or an extra blanket with you because sleeping on the ground can be very uncomfortable without something to keep you warm and cozy at night.

18. Accommodations

You should always consider staying in hostels along with your tent when you are going for camping. If you are staying at a hotel or resort, then it will be a lot more convenient to have the room next to your tent so that you get the best possible view and a peaceful environment to rest after a long day of traveling.

19. Don’t use toothpaste

It is not recommended that you use toothpaste on camping areas because they can make things smell funny and also stain other things around while on the trip. Also if you do use it, then be sure to wipe it off before using the toilet so that there are no stains left behind when washing your hands.

20. Extremes

Always take note of the extremes that you will experience when you go on vacation and plan your trip accordingly. If you are going to a very hot area, then it is best that you bring along sunscreen with you in case the sun rays are too harsh while a trip to a cold area needs heavy-weight clothing to keep you warm and cozy.

21. Less is more

When packing for your trip, it is best if you choose only the essentials so that you don’t have anything extra weighing down everything else in your bag. Also remember that not all things can be bought along the way and that even souvenirs can be bought cheaply so there’s no need to have extra things with you during your trip.

22. Comfy shoes

It is also recommended that you bring along comfortable shoes with you so that you can walk in comfort without having to wear uncomfortable flat shoes when hiking. The bottoms of your feet will also be protected from the cold ground and prevent you from getting blisters on your feet.

23. Be considerate

When traveling, it is always good to leave places better than how you found them and try to avoid littering or vandalizing when on a trip but if they are already dirtied, then clean them up anyway so that everything will be as good as it was before.

24. After-sun care

If you are traveling to a sunny beach area, then it is important that you bring along some lotion or sunscreen with you so that your skin won’t burn up even more than it has to. Some people might forget to bring the lotion and end up hurting themselves more than what it is worth but this way, everyone can enjoy the trip without worrying about getting sunburns.

25. Take notes

Taking notes of certain things like landmarks or important landmarks can be very helpful in your adventure because it helps you remember where certain places are and how they look like so you won’t have any problems finding them again if they are too far away from where you live or staying at.

26. Lighten up

Sometimes, it is good to be a little light-hearted when traveling especially when you are on a trip that has been planned in a very long time. You can always lighten things up by wearing some silly clothes or using some special accessories to have fun during the trip.

27. Put your mind at ease

Try not to worry about anything that might cause you trouble while traveling because even if everything goes wrong, there will still be more than enough things that you enjoy and enjoy doing while on the trip just like there are other things in your life that you take for granted so why should a vacation be any different.

28. Be flexible

Try not to be too stubborn about your plans for the trip and make sure that you will be flexible enough when things don’t go as planned. Even though you are on vacation, you still need to maintain some order and make sure that you will still have some supplies with you when it gets too late at night.

29. Don’t forget the water

If you are going to a place that is very hot, then it is very important that you bring along plenty of water so that you don’t dehydrate yourself during the trip and make sure that everyone in your group has plenty of water so they won’t start dying of thirst when they get thirsty in the middle of nowhere.

30. Don’t get sick

There will be many things that can affect your health when you are traveling and if you are taking some medication or treatment to help control certain illnesses or diseases, then it is best to bring them along with you so that your health will not be affected. If you are taking medication for a chronic disease, then it’s best if the medication is only taken at the beginning of the trip because when on vacation, there’s still a chance that if a problem arises, it might take time before another doctor can treat it.

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