Why High VIS Jacket best for Mountains and safaris

A Person wearing HIgh VIS Jacket

A High VIS Jacket is a jacket having fluorescent color which are easily detected in very low light or in dark places. When light stirkes these jacket in night they are easily detected. So these jackets are mainly made for the construction sites. It may be prevent you from accidents and injury as the person who are wearing easily seen by anyone in very dim lights. So a High VIS Jackets or High Visibility Jackets are primarily for the person who are working on big construction sites or the Person who are handling traffic on the road.

High visibility jackets are very helpful in night  during travelling in mountains too. Mountains roads are usually having lots of turns and narrow road. If you are driving a bike you can wear a High VIS Jacket so that you can easily identified although you are having light in your vehicle but for extra safety you can use it. A high VIS Jacket Should be in you Back Pack for your adeventure mountains tours.

What are the High Visibility Colors

Few colors are identified as High Visibility colors, they are very helpful to recognize in very dim lights. Few colors which are identified as High Visibility colors are :

  1. Orange
  2. Yellow
  3. White
  4. Silver
  5. Strong Yellow Green


Well, now that we’ve got it covered with what the jacket is made for and how to use it, let’s take a look at the design of this High VIS Jacket. It’s constructed from a breathable 2-ply polyester shell fabric, making it lightweight (but still durable) for warmer weathers. Plus, there are ample external pockets with “easy-grab” zipper pulls to keep your essentials close by!

What is technology Used for High VIS Jackets and Why it is safe?

The patented and unique technology used for the front of this jacket allows you to keep your hands free of the jacket when you open it up. This enables you to use your hands without having to worry about pulling the jacket open. When you close the front, it automatically zips or buttons up behind your back. You don’t have to worry about scratching your neck line because the material is actually rubberized. Our VIS jacket is also perfect for all seasons as it is water resistant and keeps you dry, even in light rain.

We use a special water-repellent fabric on all of our VIS jackets, so a slight drizzle will not affect your comfort or visibility in any way. Each VIS jacket is made from 100% polyester. It is also very light and easy to carry around all day. The length of the VIS jacket covers your whole back and not just your upper back, as with other jackets. This increases the visibility for drivers behind you and also makes sure you will be safe on the road and sidewalks.

The material used on our VIS jackets are breathable and allows air to flow through it freely even when you’re moving around a lot. You can use this in both hot and cold weather as it keeps you warm during cold weather while allowing your body to breathe easily when it’s hot outside.

Visibility will not be affected by your wear of this jacket. Our VIS jackets are made with a special material that is waterproof and breathable. Also, the front of the jacket has a transparent panel that allows you to see where you are going while you’re driving your vehicle.

We designed this shirt especially for cyclists and those who use their car as their main mode of transportation. It’s perfect for chilly spring mornings or evenings when you’re traveling on a bicycle through the city or through the countryside. We use a material that allows air to flow through it freely, so it is comfortable when you’re moving around. The VIS jacket’s material also protects you against strong wind and keeps the rain away.

Why are reflective jackets important?

There are a few important reasons that reflective jackets are important. For starters, these jackets make you more visible because of their reflective material. This makes it easier for drivers to see you and for pedestrians to see you as well. Reflective jackets can also be helpful in the event of a medical emergency; the reflective material usually attracts attention and prompts immediate medical assistance from paramedics or first responders who may be searching for lost walkers or runners at night. Reflectors help people with low-visibility conditions, such as people with diabetes, autism, or circulatory problems have an easier time seeing when they need to use their cane or walker.

When should you wear a high-visibility vest?

Whether you’re on a construction site or out at night, wearing one of these (high-visibility) vests can help prevent accidents. Laying down a high-visibility vest to mark an object on the ground is also a great way to communicate that there’s an item needing attention. Check out this infographic for more information about when you should wear a high visibility vest or pick one up for your next outdoor excursion

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