Back Pack For Delhi Tour : Review

A lady with back pack on Delhi Tour

If you are planning a trip to Delhi, and would like to have a hassle-free travel experience and surely feel back in your home country, then the best way is by eliminating all the hassles of carrying your luggage. Packages that include hotel stay will be more worth it.

There are various options available now for you. You can go with one of the major companies like Airbnb or who provide comfortable accommodations at inexpensive rates or opt for homestays with families at affordable rates, as well as privately owned places where you can get access to an individual room with basic facilities included in their packages.

While talking about accommodations, there are a lot of options available at a market price. You can find budget hotels, guesthouses or lodges in or near the city center as well as well-furnished apartments in different parts of Delhi. You can also opt for dormitories and room sharing facilities.

There are so many options that you can explore with; all depends upon your personal needs and choice. The cheapest option is staying at an official hotel which provides you with a bed, bedding, toiletries for showering, room service and other basic amenities for about $30/night. This can be the ideal choice if you are looking for a place to stay in Delhi.

This article will provide a short insight about the top rated and branded backpack which will help you to choose best for your travel. I hope that you will like it and find it useful.

The next thing which you may require is a backpack because if your trip is not planned with most of the services then surely one of them has to be backpacking. Also, if you are on a budget trip, then it would be more fun as there will be many things which you have to carry with yourself like snacks, water bottle etc., these can be carried in small backpacks which are easily available nowadays.

While planning your trip and making a backpacking plan, you should consider some steps in order to make your backpack experience pleasant.

· Capacity of carrying – First thing is that you should check for the volume or capacity of the backpack in terms of liters. You should buy a backpack which has enough space for that number of things which you are going to carry in it with yourself.

· Comfort – If it is not comfortable then no matter how much capacity it has, you will not wear it and carry all those things with yourself. You have to keep this thing also into consideration while choosing the best backpack for Delhi tour . The most comfortable backpack can be revealed by its adjustment system, weight and suspensions.

· Quality – As it is a backpack, quality should be the main thing which you are looking into. If the quality is not good then there will be many problems which you will face while carrying. It can tear easily. Some material may lose its color, so you should check for the material quality and make sure that they are good enough to carry things with yourself comfortably and safely.

· Special features – Apart from these three points, also there are a few other features which you can look into like it has a water bottle holder in order to keep your water bottle safe with yourself or it has some small pockets where you can keep your snacks or other small items that you require during journey.

Best place to Visit in Delhi

I am sure, you will have lots of fun once you visit Delhi and I am sure you will be having a good time here. So, I suggest that first of all you should read the article on Delhi in order to get complete information about this place.

You can plan your trip very easily when you read my articles related to it. Also, there is no harm in buying a guide book about this place as well because it will give you a complete knowledge about which places to visit in Delhi, what are the must see places and which are the best attractions in this city. You can also buy these books from online stores.

· Delhi is the capital of India. It is the second largest city in the country and number one when you compare it with other cities of the country. It is situated on River Yamuna and also known as Chandni Chowk.

· Once upon a time, this place was a part of Uttar Pradesh but after independence, it became its own state.

· Best place to visit in Delhi – Bhulbhul Fort (Oldest Mughal Fort) – The last emperors of Humayun, Babar and Akbar used to live here. After that, this place was abandoned by Mughals and was used only by British for some time.

· Jantar Mantar – There are over 50 instruments here which were used by the Mughals and British. They used to study the stars and predict the future of their kingdom.

· Red Fort – Chhatrapti Chowk is the main gate of this fort and it consists of three parts: Amber, Jade and Sapphire. The major attractions of this fort include Rajghat, Chandni Chowk and Nila Gumbad inside these three parts.

· Old Delhi Railway Station – Nowadays it is known as Delhi Rail Museum as there are many old trains and coaches displayed here which were used during British days in India.

· Dilli Haat – This is located in Chandni Chowk, it is a market selling all kinds of souvenirs and other items of tourist attraction.

· Jama Masjid – It is the largest mosque in India and many kings used to visit this place even after their coronation ceremonies. The architecture is marvelous and you will feel proud while visiting here.

· Humayun’s Tomb – It was built by Humayun but it was also destroyed by Babar so now both Humayun and Babar are buried here.

· Lotus Temple – It was built by the followers of Sai Baba, who became very famous after that. This place is meant for meditation and relaxation.

· Qutub Minar – One of the tallest minars in India and also known as world famous piece of architecture.

· Red Fort – This is the largest fort in India and you can see some great works here which were created by Shah Jahan, who was a Mughal emperor. His daughter named Mumtaz Mahal is also buried inside the fort.

· National Museum – It is located on Janpath Road and there are many old paintings, thousands of sculptures, folk arts etc., which tell us about ancient times in India.

· National Rail Museum – This is an old locomotive which was used during British times in India. You can see all kinds of trains here.

· Suggested Itinerary of Delhi Tour – I have made a detailed itinerary for Delhi tour and I think, you will like it as it is very helpful for you if you are backpacking on a budget because the thing which we are planning here is to make the trip more fun and amusing by saving some bucks which we use to spend on 3 star hotels or restaurants.

· Delhi City tour – All the important places of Delhi are shown here in this itinerary and you can also visit the famous Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort and Lotus Temple. If you are backpacking on a budget then this will be the best itinerary for you.

· Fort Aguada – This place is located in Alipur area of New Delhi and it is famous due to its stunning location. Here, you can get some amazing views of New Delhi city. You can enjoy some nice bath after going there. You will be amazed by seeing its beautiful architecture and you can also enjoy horse riding here.

· World Wonder – This place is known as world wonder because it is one of the highest buildings in the country and of course in Asia. It was built after nine years of hard work and finally, it was completed on 21st February 2013. It has 88 stories in total and each one is named after a different Indian language so that everyone can enjoy their stay inside this building.

· Lotus Temple – As I already told you about this place, I don’t want to repeat it again but there are some other things which I had not mentioned before.

New Delhi:

The city with a population of around 14 million is the fastest-growing megapolis in India. But what is there to do? How can you make the most out of your time here? Well, that’s where this blog post comes in. This guide will tell you all about some of the best places to explore while finding everything from amazing solstice celebrations, food and drink “experiences”, festivals and much more! Let’s get started!

Although New Delhi is just one major Indian city, it’s quite easy to find yourself lost amid so many cultural and religious sites and tourist attractions. With so much to see and do, it can easily become overwhelming. You could waste your time in the endless sea of traffic or at the endless exhibits in malls and museums. It’s also quite possible to find yourself bored out of your mind at some of the city’s most famous tourist destinations, such as Rajpath (the highly-policed avenue that connects India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhavan).

Some of the best places to go for a little adventure is right under your feet at the legendary Chhatarpur area, with its magnificent museums like the nearby Sabyasachi Museum. One place where you can experience a little taste of India is New Delhi’s Red Fort , which overlooks Old Delhi. Here, the 17th century Mughal palace houses more than 700 life-size sculptures, including one of the most famous and intricately designed minarets in the world.

If you have time to explore Delhi’s vast National Capital Region (NCR), a lot can be seen in a short period of time. The region is home to one of India’s largest areas dedicated entirely to photography fans, with over 1200 picturesque spots and amazing panoramic views. Get excited by watching the sunrise at Taj Mahal , explore beautiful parks like Connaught Place , engage in resourceful yoga activites like Rajiv Gandhi National Park or chill out at Lake Palace.

Foodies will love the city’s culinary side. It’s quite easy to find a meal that suits your palate – whether you are a vegetarian or not. You can try delicious food items in the famous Karim Hotel , which is known for serving spicy and delightful cuisine since 1948, or put a little spice in your life by sampling some of the best Indian cuisine at Karims Restaurant or Asia De Cuba. And what could go wrong with a custard-like dessert called gulab jamun?